When organizations do fall victim to the effects of crisis, disaster or hostile interference, the most critical period can be the time taken to respond, take control and restore normality to the scene.  This is especially the case where incidents have increasing economic as well as national impact on the organizations involved.

An effective, well organized and prepared response can significantly mitigate the effects of the disaster and could save lives, protect the environment and minimize financial loss.We at Swiss Consultancy Management will be able to Initiate, Manage and Oversee a professional all-in-one solution that covers all aspects of Crisis & Emergency Management.

We will work closely with the Organization to conduct a Risk Analysis where together we will determine your organization's Risk Exposure. Having determined the risk exposure, we then formulate necessary Procedures and Guidelines as required from:

•   Crisis & Disaster Management planning
•   Emergency services liaison planning
•   Post disaster security
•   Identification of Incident Management Sites
•   Development and audit of preparedness procedures
•   Design and implementation of staff awareness and training exercises
•   Media management exercises
•   Table-top (operational) management exercises

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