We at Swiss Consultancy Management will be able to Initiate, Manage and Oversee a professional all-in-one solution that covers all aspects of Security Operations and Management.

Whether you are planning for a new project, conducting security upgrades of existing facilities, having a carefully thought through Security Management Plan that is practical and built to support your business objectives and infrastructure is definitely critical to your operational success.

Swiss Security Consultancy can help your organization to assess your vulnerability, minimize your risk, and respond to known threat with cost effective solutions that will ensure that security strategies are in sync with the overall organizations business activities and goals with focus on the three critical concerns:-

  1. Do I have a sound security plan in place that enhances my Organization’s operational efficiency?
  2. Are my Organization’s security measures adequate in mitigating the threats and risks in the ever-changing environment?
  3. Are these security measures practical, appropriate and cost effective in supporting my business operations?

Today's Management continually strives to improve their organizations’ internal efficiency and competitive advantage. Driven by the global market and ever higher customer expectations; with the spotlight firmly on cost saving. Companies just can't afford an under-utilized executive.

Swiss Consultancy Management can supply Senior Consultants on temporary/interim attachments to take on the tasks of Corporate Security Managers or other Senior Positions in the areas of Emergency Management & Business Continuity if an organization does not have access to this expertise. Success is assuredthrough the following approach:

  1. Hands on with full responsibility, recommends and implements based on practical experience
  2. Has control over the KPI driven budget
  3. Personally delivers tried and tested solutions
  4. Leads from the front
  5. Reports directly to the Senior Management
  6. Provides coaching and mentoring to existing staff

When the job is complete there will be a smooth hand over and to ensure continued success a monitoring service is available.

Definition of Red Teaming - “Viewing a problem from an adversary or competitor’s perspective”
We at Swiss Consultancy Management can design, plan, implement and analyze Red Teaming exercises to test and improve operational preparedness of the organization in a safe environment.
Using the following approaches:

  1. TEWT (Tactical ExerciseWithout Troops) Exercise
    A Thinking exercise in which an individual or unit is required to find a solution for operational problems posed to him/them by our Regulator or Exercise Manager.
  2. Two Sided Exercise
    Takes place instead of an actual event between a Blue Team being tested by an attacking Red Team.

Through the understanding of the Aggressors Method of Operations, Situational Assessments and the various stages of Terrorist Planning we at Swiss Consultancy Management can apply similar techniques in identifying Hot Spots, Blast Zones and its Severity to daily operations and lives. 

Despite these uncertainties, it is possible to give some comparatively accurate indications of the overall level of damage and injuries to be expected in an explosive event, based on the size of the explosion, distance from the event, and assumptions about the construction of the building. 

The results from these assessments are then used to develop mitigation systems capable of reducing or eliminating long-term risk to people and property from explosive devices and their effects.



•   Initiating and Managing the Security Policies, Procedures & Plans
•   Liaising with the Police & Law Enforcement Agencies
•   Consult on compliance to Security Regulatory Guidelines for STP, CTPAT,  TAPA, TUViT, Others
•   Provide Specialist Expertise for Event Management and VIP Protection
•   Terrorist Threat Updates & Travel Advisories
•   Consult on Investigations on possible Theft, Short Shipment, Counterfeit Cases and other discrepancies
•   Consult on the procurement of Security Services, necessary budgetary planning and contractual scopes and KPI’s


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