Security Technology is becoming increasingly important in ensuring the safety and security of Infrastructure and critical site operations. The need for digital video surveillance, advanced access control and perimeter protection that offer security and provide protection for assets, staffs and prevent unauthorised entry is a priority.

Advanced Security Technology solutions are becoming increasingly valuable for today’s critical infrastructure sites. Swiss Consulting Management reviews the latest the industry has to offer and through the understanding of the customer’sneeds we are able to create tailored security solutions that address key issues, such as deterring, detecting, delaying and denying Intruders and unauthorized access incorporating technology with physical security.


Swiss Consultancy Management perimeter monitoring solutions utilises the latest vibration, fibre optics, motion detection, thermal and infrared to provide a first line of defence - whether a few metres or hundreds of kilometres.


Knowing who’s entering my site and who’sin my premises are questions crucial for site security operations today. We at Swiss Consultancy Management have the solutions for every type of access control needs  from magnetic stripes to HID Proximity cards to MIFARE® contactless smart cards, one card, endless access control applications including fingerprints to face recognition, biometric authentication etc which are the heart of today’s secure identity solutions.


Swiss Consultancy Management has comprehensive surveillance solutions that empower your security staff, drive productivity improvement and make your facilities safer and more secure. From closed circuit television (CCTV) systems that monitor perimeter fencing, points of entry/egress, docking stations and hazardous work environments to advanced applications that integrate monitoring and control of access control, security management and digital video surveillance/retrieval, we can meet your dynamic security requirements. Whether you’ve a single building, a campus or have multi sites.Our technology partners can custom design, install, integrate, monitor and maintain all of your security technologies.


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